A la Carte/Extras

Canned Pop/Juice $1.85 Coffee (10oz cup)( min 10 cups) $1.50
Bottled Water 355ml $1.85 Asst. Teas (min 5)  $1.50

Fresh Assorted Muffins      $2.95 p/p (min 10 people)
Deluxe Pastries (may include: Banana bread, loaves, muffins, strudel, cinn. buns)     $2.75 p/p


Cookies      $2.25 ea. (min 10 people)
Assorted Dessert Squares      $1.95 p/p (min 10 people)


Vegetable Tray/dip           $2.50 p/p    (min 10 people)
Seasonal Fruit Tray           $3.50 p/p     (min 10 people)
Assorted Fruit and Cheese            $3.95 p/p    (min 10 people)
Domestic Cheese and crackers           $3.75 p/p (min 10 people)
Whole Fruit (apples OR Oranges OR Bananas)       $1.00 ea.


Choice of Soup          $4.25 p/p   (min 10 people)

Beef Barley Cream of Broccoli  Cream of Mushroom
Homestyle Vegetable Zesty Corn Chowder Carrot and Ginger
Chunky Chicken Pasta Minestrone Tomato-Basil Parmesan Bisque
Creamy Potato-Dill    

Choice of Salad        $2.50 p/p   (min 10 people)

Creamy Caesar House Salad Creamy Rotini Pasta Salad
Zesty Greek Dilled Cucumber Broccoli Salad
Classic Potato Spinach Salad  
Marinated Vegetable Salad Catalina Pasta Salad